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Bob's Picks

I talk a lot about our supply lines, how we choose the best, shortest, and most sustainable. About how we track individual suppliers and items to constantly look for any issue that may arise before it becomes a real problem. What I dont talk about much is the human side of this. Collectors are at the very center of this process. We have high demands from them, and we cannot afford to take good ones for granted.

There is much more to collecting than just catching fish. I know the first thought that comes to mind is that the fish are basically free; you just have to catch them. On one hand, this is true, in the same sense that Alaskan King Crabs are free. See? There is quite a bit omitted with that idea.

It takes years of practice that go into being able to collect at all, let alone efficiently and without damaging the targeted specimen or the reef. Frequently fish need to be decompressed, which is a skill in and of itself. There are always transport costs, which are often higher when done in a timely and proper fashion. When they get back, a good holding system is a must in order to prepare the animals for shipping. The list doesnt stop there.

Finding people who can do this, maintain a business sense and yet not compromise the husbandry of the animals is truly an adventure within itself. When we find that right mix, we consider them to be a valuable asset, as without this commitment from our collectors it would be impossible to provide the standard we aspire to.

We received a limited number of Midget Reef Damsels (Chromis acares) from our source in Micronesia. These are a very mild mannered, colorful and reef compatible Damsel comparable to a Vanderbilt Chromis. Check them out before theyre gone!

We have some glowing Solid Orange Short Tentacle Plate Corals (Fungia sp.) available from Australia. These are a great coral as their color is not common in many other species.

The Aquacultured White/Yellow Polyp Leather Corals (Sarcophyton sp.) from Micronesia are excellent sized and showing super polyp extension. These are great corals for the novice reef keeper as they are easy to keep and can tolerate modest fluctuations in water quality as well as a wide range of light intensities.

One of our sources in the Caribbean sent us a very nice shipment of Red Belted Cardinals (Apogon townsendi). These would add a great splash of color to your reef. These are schooling fish too!

From Africa we have been getting some excellent Blue Stripe Pipefish (Doryrhamphus excisus) on a regular basis. These make the transition to frozen mysis quite readily and look awesome.