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Bob's Picks

Its that time of year again as Hurricane Isaac dominated the news front this past week. The upheaval inflicted upon thousands of lives is hard to comprehend. It is our hope that everyone who has been subjected to this event will realize a speedy recovery.

The Caribbean provides many of the staple items of the marine industry and Hurricane season always makes for a challenging time to provide these species on a consistent basis. Conehead Astrea Snails, Emerald Crabs, Peppermint Shrimp, Royal Grammas and Queen Angels are just a few of these popular items.

Take a moment to imagine returning to a once prolific collection area that was in the path of a hurricane. Will the habitat still be in the same condition or is it now a mass of rubble covered in silt? Has the bottom been so churned up that you can barely see your hand in front of your face? The extremity of the event will determine if new collection areas need to be sought out.

The priority of the responsible collector will be one of sustainability. They have to allow areas that have been ravaged by Mother Nature the time necessary to renew their natural populations, or they risk longer term damage to their livelihood. The wide range of supply lines that we have access to here at QM allows us to shift our focus to areas that have not been subjected to the forces of nature.

This week we got some stunning shipments; the Tassled Filefish (Chaetodermis pencilligerus) are seriously cool looking, fat and healthy.

There is a limited selection of Decorated Spinefoot Rabbitfish (Siganus puellus) right now really look great. The gold barring is very strong, and they are eating well. I always suggest adding multiples of Rabbitfish as they will acclimate faster and do better.

We also have several very nice Australian False Personifer Angels (Chaetodontoplus meredithii) in a really great medium size that does very well adapting to aquaria. For those of you looking for a cool angel to round out your display, look for further.

We are releasing a new batch of Reefhab frags this week so check out the Reefhab Grape Cristata Frags (Euphyllia cristata). These are well healed from fragging and ready for new homes. Scoop them up quick!

From another QM exclusive Short Supply Chain, we have an excellent supply of Aquacultured Small Polyp Cup Corals (Turbinaria sp.) in stock. There is a good variety of colors and shapes, including some purple and yellow ones.

Lastly, just received the best shipment of Australian Scolymia (Scolymia australis) that I have seen in a long time. The range of coloration is amazing and they are in stunning, nicely rounded shape. We are also running a very aggressive Australian Coral Promo this week, so be sure and talk to your sales rep about these.