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Bob's Picks

This is a very exciting time of year; the intersection of the fall busy season and the insane diversity of stock that is the hallmark of summer. I always feel like the kick-off of fall rush is Labor Day, and that is just around the corner. In honor of this, well be closed (and obviously not shipping) Monday, September 2nd. Another scheduling item on the horizon is that MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) is also happening Labor Day weekend. Do dont forget your travel plans when thinking about deliveries.

Of course shipments have been arriving steadily and our online ordering portal is available 24/7 for your convenience. You can even leave special instructions for your QM liaison about your order there. That QM Customer Service Representative is your best asset here. They can help maximize your fill rates, assist you in arranging the timely delivery of your order amongst other things. One of the most important aspects of our sales reps jobs is that they are your eyes on the floor. Our offering of Corals continues to grow and the selection of Aquacultured/Maricultured corals is outstanding so make sure to utilize your CSR to the fullest and give them the green light to cherry pick some pieces for you.

And just in case youre wondering MACNA is one of the largest shows in North America dedicated to the marine aquarium hobby and is being hosted in Fort Lauderdale this year. Hopefully Ill see you there!

This week the selection of Aquacultured stuff is so amazing, that I couldn't help but feature some it this week. We have several amazing cultured Chalice corals this week, but the Peach w/ Neon Yellow/Orange Eye (Echinophyllia sp.) really stand out, even with a boring name.

From another of our culture facilities we just got an amazing shipment of Aquacultured Acropora (Acropora sp). These are gorgeously colored and we have an excellent selection.

One of our most popular Reefhab offerings recently has been the RH Rhodactis Mushrooms (Rhodactis sp). The "Supermans" in particular have just amazing coloration.

On the Aquacultured fish front, we have a good selection of True Sebae (Amphiprion sebae) with great dark coloration, excellent health and good size. This is a can't miss fish.

On the slightly rarer front, we have an exceptional selection of Sohal Tangs (Acanthurus sohal) that are brilliantly colorful and eating everything they can get.

From our Short Supply Chain vendor in Fiji, we have some very nice MAC Mertensii Butterflies (Chaetodon mertensii) that are in the kind of shape you would expect from MAC SSC fish. These are engaged with people, and scarf down our meaty food mix.