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Bob's Picks

This was an exciting week at Quality Marine as we received some very hard to get species. Two of which were Flathead Sandperch (Rainfordia opercularis), which, despite their relatively bland common name command a high price in the market. Another fish, and the subject of my focus today, is the one of a kind item aberrant White Zebrasoma flavescens Tang .

Hard-to-get species are pretty much just that hard to get. This may be for a variety of reasons whether difficulty of collection, water depth, seasonality, distant collection area, etc. The point is that though they are limited in availability we can still usually put our feelers out in our supplier network and find what we are looking for at some point throughout the year.

When you get into aberrant specimens with exceptional coloration it is an entirely different story. These are usually one of a kind and by some random miracle of nature they were able to beat the odds and reach a fairly notable size. Normally these would become a meal for a predator long before as they would stand out like a flashing beacon unable to blend in. The occurrence of the number of white tangs this year brings back memories of the Tricolor Scopas tangs that were available for a limited period a few years back and now have all but disappeared again. It makes me wonder if these aberrant colorations are impacted by an environmental condition that is prevalent during the specimens larval stage or a food source that is not normally in abundance. Whatever the cause these are truly a special item and should be treated as such.

Here at QM we are of the belief that this beautiful and unique specimen should be housed in a aquarium where as many as of us as possible can get the opportunity the view it. It is because of this viewpoint we have made the decision to donate this stunning fish to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. We hope if you ever visit Los Angeles you take the time to view this priceless animal.

From the West Americas we have some beautiful full adult Cortez Angels Pomacanthus zonipectus. These are very good sized and are feeding heartily but keep in mind these will need to reside in a very large display.

Our Eastern Asia supply line sent over a nice school of the rarely seen Crown of Thorns Cardinalfish (Siphamia fuscolineata). These are usually collected in the same vicinity of the coral foraging Crown of Thorns Sea Star and will reside amongst their spines. They are jet black with red highlights and when they congregate in a ball they resemble a large fish.

If you have a large display that requires a schooling fish that will attain a good size give some thought to the French Grunt (Haemulon flavolineatus). These attractively colored specimens hailing from the Atlantic Ocean would be a great choice as they are voracious feeders and have a relatively mild temperament.

We have an excellent assortment both in shapes and colors of the Dented Brain Coral (Symphyllia sp). We have specimens both from Indonesia and Australia and are vibrant.

Peppermint Shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni / boggessi are in stock if you are in need of some biological Aiptasia control. Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative about our special promotion on these.