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Bob's Picks

Quality Marine has seen a number of new and exciting developments over the past few months. If you havent noticed, heres what youve missed:
We have been solidifying our relationships with some of the best coral suppliers in the world and we hope that you have been taking advantage of this. Nowhere else will you find such a deep and varied inventory, especially during the summer months! Our variety of available species continues to grow and our unyielding support of mariculture farms around the globe is providing us with some stellar results.

Our latest project will be launched soon and it is our intention that all of our supporters will derive the benefit of our hard work. Stay tuned as this fall will be a thrilling time here at QM!

This week saw us get some great shipments of fish. From one of our aquaculture facilities we received a beautiful batch of Semi-Picasso Percula Clownfish (Amphiprion percula) that are much bigger than the usual A/C size.

Another sweet Aquacultured fish to show up here yesterday was the Aquacultured Threadfin Lookdown (Selene vomer). It has been pretty uncommon to see these aquacultured. We hope to start bringing these in a lot more often as they are super hardy and eat like crazy.

We have a good selection of Filamented Wrasses (Paracheilinus filamentosus) with absolutely stunning male colorations. These are gorgeous and we don't see them with this coloration very often.

We have an excellent supply of Aquacultured Metallic Green Trumpet Coral Frags (Caulastrea sp) from our Reefhab line. These are brilliant green, well healed from fragging and shouldn't be missed out on.

For all the Non Photosynthetic coral lovers out there we have few very nice pieces of Black Tube Coral (Tubastrea micracantha) in stock. These are in good shape and showing nice polyp extension. They should satisfy those NPS guys who come in to the shop, at least for a week or two.

There is also a brand new shipment of Aquacultured Acropora (Acropora sp.) on the floor, and it is really colorful. Ask your salesperson about picking up a few pieces.