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Bob's Picks

Quality Marine is the sole North American distributor for Cook Island aquacultured Tridacna maxima and Tridacna derasa Clams. These clams are just of the many outstanding aquacultured and maricultured species we offer on a daily basis. The derasas definitely arent anything to scoff at, but the maximas are the real belle of the ball. While these are high quality and simply stunning right out of the box, we make them even nicer as they are rested for an extended period of time before we even offer them for sale. During this time they are allowed to recoup from the stress of shipping and they also get the benefit of basking under our 1000W metal halide lighting which helps color them up even more.

We are offering our Maxima Clams at discounted lot pricing, so be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative for more information about these magnificent clams. In addition to the usual stunning collection of clams I want to bring your attention to a few other choice picks this week.

One of my favorite damsels from the Caribbean is the Purple & Yellow Chromis (Chromis insolatus) and this week we have an excellent batch in stock. These are a more mild tempered damselfish and look great in a small school.

From Mexico we received a very limited number of Browncheek Blenny (Acanthemblemaria crockery). These are from the same genus as the Barnacle Blenny and exhibit many of their endearing mannerisms. Be sure to get one before theyre gone!

Africa sent us an outstanding shipment of Bluestripe Pipefish (Doryrhamphus excises). As they grow into adulthood these are a very beautiful pipefish and a definite attention getter.

Our Short Supply Chain in Fiji has been sending over some very nice pieces of Green Trumpet Coral (Caulastrea curvata). These underappreciated LPS corals would be the perfect choice for the beginning reef hobbyist.

We have such an outstanding selection of Soft Corals, Polyps and Mushrooms in house that its downright impossible to single any one out. Your Customer Service Representative is your eyes and ears to getting you some top quality specimens.

As summer swings into full gear and things start heating up the supply of Mexican Turbo Snails always dwindle due to the excessively torrid temperatures. We are full aware that algae blooms are a common summertime nemesis and we are always finding alternatives to this hardworking industry staple. We have picked up the slack by increasing our supply of Conehead Astraea, Margarite and Black & White Spiral Top Trochus Snails so you dont get caught short. We also will be bringing in other species of Turbo Snails as they become available.