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Bob's Picks

One of the most critical keys to our success is the longstanding relationship that we have had with the majority of our suppliers. Through years of extensive communication, we have fostered great relationships and shared our knowledge with each other to better the husbandry provided to the livestock through all levels of the chain.

Many times a minor tweaking of handling practices can end up in a huge improvement in quality. Sometimes it's realizing the limitation of what a station is capable of producing. By this I mean a station may produce 30 very good specimens of a particular fish, but when the demand reaches 60 the quality might diminish substantially. As holding capacity is limited during collection, certain protocols may be compromised because of the additional demand. What may seem like an easy decision to send another boat just doesnt pencil out as this usually comes at an additional expense that may not be able to be recouped by the collectors.

It is often a more responsible decision to not compromise the quality from one collection area and rather source from another exporter. As I always say, its a complex puzzle and to do it responsibly requires quite a bit of thought and great communication between the importer and the collectors.

This week there are so many extraordinary animals here that it was hard to narrow the field down. In the end, the Kuteri Wrasses (Macropharyngodon kuiteri) are just too good not to feature. These are eating frozen food, are gorgeously colored and very active. If you want one, get one from this batch from our QM exclusive Short Supply Chain in Melanesia (item code 1336265).

From a different Short Supply Chain in South Asia, we have a really robust group of Lemon Clown Gobies (Gobiodon citrinus). These have great color, excellent bigger than average size, are robustly healthy and in just amazing condition. This would be a rock solid addition right now (item code 1186586).

Lastly from our Short Supply Chain in Fiji we have a large group of just outstanding MAC Orange Lined Cardinals (Apogon cyanosoma). These are eating everything in site and the orange stripes are almost neon bright. Buy a dozen.

On the invertebrate front, we have an extremely varied collection of both Red Eye Echinata and Neon Green Eye Echinata (Acanthastrea echinata) both of which have an amazing amount of coloration and patterning differences. Looking at them all it appears that every one who orders from this batch is going to get a very nice AND unique piece.

On the more limited front, we have a few very select Ultra Color Yumas, they are on the per polyp pricing. The colors here must be seen to be believed.

Lastly we have an excellent selection of Blue Tuxedo Pincushion Urchins (Mespilia globulus). These are some of the bluest and healthiest I've seen in a while. Definitely add a few of these to your next order.