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Bob's Picks

Summertime may be here but thats no reason for us to let our stock dwindle.

From a shop standpoint, its much better for a fish system to have a consistent level of stock; it allows for a more stable environment and a much healthier bio-filter. Im sure that at some point every experienced aquarist has dealt with headaches after you have a low density population and you try to rapidly increase the biological load. Granted, its easier to manage if you have a massive amount of water to compensate for the additional biomass and/or a filtration system capable of processing the additional waste that is produced. Here at QM we always like to keep our stock levels stable and utilize the most effective filtration techniques we can either develop or get our hands on.

All this being said, the state of collection is currently really good worldwide and because of this, we have been able to maintain a massive diversity of species. If you are having trouble exciting your customers, try experimenting a little more with some new species that youve not tried before. Its a great way to spark interest and you might just find a new item that is a hit with all your customers. It also helps to keep your systems looking full and will make them less prone to having a fluctuating bacterial load which can be problematic when you need to stock back up for the busy season.

This week we have a truly exceptional collection of angels. For all you angel fish people I have picked a few seriously nice ones, the only downside being that stock on these is limited, so get them while you can.

I'll start with the Male Zebra Swallowtails (Genicanthus melanospilos). This is one of the few types angelfish that is actually reef safe and the males and females have different traits.

We also have a few Male Duboulays Scribbled Angels (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi) in stock and they are big and healthy. These are sure to turn some heads in your system.

From our SSC in Fiji, we have some MAC Certified Yellow and Black Angels (Centropyge woodheadi). If you are looking for something like a lemonpeel, but need it to be just a bit different, just a bit rarer, this is the one. Sometimes it is the small differences that get people to pull the buying trigger.

On the invert front, we are proud to announce a new Reefhab Frag release this week. Neon Green Grape Cristata (Euphyllia cristata) is a beautiful and hardy Euphyllia species that has a distinctly different look from what your customers are used to seeing.

We have limited supply of Purple Branching Montipora (Montipora sp.). These are in awesome shape and are showing a bright purple coloration.

We have a good selection of Aquacultured Acropora in stock. From Pink Milli's to Purple Rim Monti's there is sure to be something you could use in your coral display. Ask your Sales Rep to pick you a cherry piece.