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Bob's Picks

It is the middle of July again, and some parts of the US are really sizzling. The West Coast has seen some extremely high temperatures, and the rest of the country has already seen elevated temperatures as well. I can't stress enough how debilitating this kind of heat can be to our aquatic friends. Remember that fish are cold-blooded animals and ambient temperatures determine the state of their physiology. In a nutshell, as temperatures rise, the oxygen demand of the animals increases while at the same time the waters ability to hold oxygen decreases. To further complicate an already delicate situation, higher temps mean higher metabolisms, and that means more waste!

While high temperatures are to be avoided, another point to remember is that drastic temperature swings should be avoided as well. We ship in insulated boxes, and based on what we see from national weather forecasts and the ever-important input from you, we can pack extra cool packs with your order. This allows your animals usually do just fine in transit when exposed to higher temperatures. However, the next important aspect of temperature is to make sure that you take temperature readings in the bags and take the necessary steps to gradually acclimate your new purchases to your system temperature. The key word is gradually as rapid temperature swings can cause the animals to go into shock.

As a general rule, it's always good to inform your Customer Service Representative if your area is experiencing any type of weather extremes, especially heat. Transportation is always a stress inducing environment and the more we can do to lessen that stress, the greater success we will all have.

We have some super Aquacultured Orange Face Yuma Mushrooms (Ricordea yuma) that have killer coloration and excellent coverage.

There is also an amazing selection of Rose Bubble Anemones (Entacmaea quadricolor) in their usual stupendous variation and coloration.

We just received an excellent batch of Neon Orange Plate Corals (Fungia sp.) that have seriously eye popping coloration. There is an excellent selection of oranges, and a few other colors as well.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have a good supply of Striped Squirrel Fish (Holocentrus sp.). These are in robust condition, and really pop as something slightly different.

Also on that same "something different" page, we have a good supply of Mustard Tangs (Acanthurus guttatus) from one of our Short Supply Chains in the Central Pacific.

For those of you looking for a Showpiece, we have a limited supply of very large and stupendously gorgeous Maculosus Angels (Pomacanthus maculosus). These will fit that bill. All are eating well and very conditioned to people as food providers.