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Bob's Picks

Today I was looking at some fish we just got in and I came to the realization that Quality Marine is my version of a kid in a candy store. Its the beginning of July and (as usual) Im fighting the urge to set up another aquarium at home. We always seem to have a beautifully stocked floor and the mix is pretty amazing. I think back to when I first entered the marine aquarium industry and the diversity of species we are able to acquire on a regular basis now versus then never ceases to amaze me. Another awesome development has been our ability to maintain previously impossible specimens.

Husbandry techniques and practices are vital to the long term housing of any species as is the ability to think in the abstract when it comes to the maintenance of any aquatic animal. Yet even the most perfect husbandry practices are wasted if the animal has not been properly collected and maintained from the very start. Just like a puzzle, all the pieces are dependent on one another for any kind of result; at the end, one cant be missing, so short cuts are just not an option.

QM goes the extra mile in every category, from careful analysis of supply chains all the way to maintaining separate, pristine ship out water and every piece in between. Its this leave no stone unturned attitude that makes us what we are.

This week we have very cute small sized Cream Angels (Apolemichthys xanthurus). This size only comes in sporadically so be sure to get one of these while they are around, the coloration is great.

While were on the topic of small angels, we have some really nice Juvenile French Angels (Pomacanthus paru) in stock right now. Among the juvenile angels, these are hard to beat for sheer eye popping contrast.

Our Short Supply Chain in the Maldives sent us an excellent shipment of Threadfin Goldie Anthias (Nemanthias carberryi). These are starting to show full adult coloration and look awesome!

Get them while they last! We have a limited number of Barnacle Blenny (Acanthemblemaria macrospilus) available. These make a great addition to just about any nano aquarium and are absolutely fascinating to watch.

From Indonesia we have an excellent assortment of Green Bubble Corals (Plerogyra sinuosa) in stock and ready to go! These LPS corals have super color and are one of the easier to maintain corals.