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Bob's Picks

Tuesday, June 21st marks the first day of summer and traditionally the industry braces for a lull as hobbyists begin some well deserved vacation time. Because its a time when aquariums sometimes take a backseat to other summer weather activities, foot traffic can taper off. Shop owners frequently respond by concentrating more on the traditional bread and butter items and less on "out of the ordinary" or unique species. I know its difficult for a retail establishment to stock a huge depth of inventory when tank space is limited and demand decreases.

On the other hand, the visit to the local fish store should be a fun experience that spurs creative thought and appreciation and not another chore that needs to be crossed off the to-do list. Maintaining the interest of your regular clientele, the weekly customers that stop in for food, additives or salt mix is a great way to generate business. Keeping your displays sparkling, looking fresh and stocked is a reflection that an aquarist at heart is in charge. Whether its a new aquascape for one of your focal aquariums or an interesting, out of the ordinary species, make it obvious and your customers will appreciate it.

Here at QM one of our goals is to provide the largest selection of species to choose from on a daily basis, year round. Our extensive stocklist can be daunting so be sure to utilize your Customer Service Representative to the fullest as they are your eyes and ears on the floor and will keep you informed of our latest arrivals.

This week we have some very nice Lemonpeel x Half Black Hybrid Angels (Centropyge flavissimus X vroliki). These are showing an excellent dark black coloration in the anterior portion of the body.

From our sources in the Atlantic we have a great batch of Purple & Yellow Chromis (Chromis insolatus). A nice schooling damselfish with a very vivid and contrasting color pattern.

Our MAC Certified Short Supply Chain in Fiji has been sending over some very good Orange Kleini Butterfly (Chaetodon kleini). These are reputed to eat Aiptasia Anemones but will also consume just about any type of prepared food as well. The Fijian color form also sports a brighter orange coloration than the Philippine or Indonesian varieties.

We have an awesome selection of South Pacific Green Acropora Corals in stock. Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative about our Super Saver Green Acropora Package!

Our Indonesian Mariculture supply line came up with some very fine Aquacultured Thin Finger Soft Coral (Sinularia sp). The farms are producing some consistently high quality specimens that are both environmentally responsible and sustainable. Be sure to give one of these a try!