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Bob's Picks

I just arrived at Aquarama 2013 and in the short time that we've been here Ive had the opportunity to meet up with a good number of our current suppliers. Because Aquarama only occurs every other year, we usually extend this trip so we can visit with a lot of our vendor locations as well. This gives us the opportunity to monitor their handling procedures, and offer support to them if needed. It is also a great time to view their incoming stock, in which sometimes we find a species that is currently being overlooked and we can make it part of our extensive weekly offering.

As the summer unfolds in the US it should prove to be an exciting time at QM. It seems that every summer we see a wider and wider diversity of stock and I expect this year to be no different as this vendor trip has been pretty amazing. You will see some of these new items showing up at QM soon and more arriving throughout the coming year. Be sure to check our stock list often as these new species are often limited in number. Investing in a few unique items like this can make a big difference in keeping foot traffic high throughout the summer months.

Continuing that theme, we already have some pretty unique stock items right now like SSC Female Femininus Wrasses (Anampses femininus). These showstoppers are in tremendous shape, though supply is limited.

Another neat fish is the Aquacultured Juvenile Annularis Angels (Pomacanthus annularis). Most of these have some abberant colorations, and some of them have extremely distinct barring. While we have more of these than the Femininus, the supply is still pretty limited.

A slightly more common, but also eye catching fish is the Flame Angel (Centropyge loriculus). We haven't seen a lot of these in recent months, but we have an excellent selection of very healthy specimens in stock right now.

On the invertebrate side of the house, we have a good supply of Aquacultured Ricordea Mushrooms (Ricordea yuma) that have great coverage, and stupendous coloration.

When I say Giant Cup Mushroom (Amplexidiscus sp), you don't immediately think "rare," but these are HUGE.

I rarely pick shrimp for this, but we have a limited supply of very nice White Spot Anemone Shrimp (Periclimenes brevicarpalis) that are bigger than we usually see. This would be an amazing addition to a small anemone tank.