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Bob's Picks

As I write this I am out in the field visiting some of our key Asian suppliers as well as a handful of others. My goal here is to help refine collection and shipping procedures and also try to find a few new gems to bring back to QM. While going about my visits it dawned on me that despite being the Director of Livestock Acquisition, I sometimes take for granted Quality Marines commitment to consistently providing the most varied, highest quality livestock on a daily basis. Our attention to detail is unmatched and we go to such great lengths to ensure we are procuring the best cared for specimens. This is all evident in our unyielding support of both MAC Certified and Short Supply Chains partners. When seeing the difference between a well cared for specimen in a good facility vs. one that is not, you clearly see that there is a big difference.

I know for a lot of you, when things get slow, you start paying a lot more attention to the details of everything. In many cases, the focus gets turned onto the price of the animal. I always say that true value goes far beyond price, and a healthy animal is always a better investment than one with a shady past, and a possibly grim future. As we move on in the ever changing landscape of our industry we believe it is imperative to fully support collection efforts that are being carried out in both a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. If any of you havent yet read the article titled 'Apples, Oranges, and Hot Potatoes' written by Chris Buerner (President of QM), we recommend you take a look as it provides a wealth of insight into the differences between animals caught in short supply chains vs. longer supply chains. Its definitely worth a read.

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For those of you attending Aquarama this weekend, I will be going as well and look forward to seeing some of you there.

We have a great selection of both male and female Swallowtail Angels (Genicanthus melanospilos) in stock. Genicanthus angels are absolutely the best way to get an angelfish into a reef tank. These will definitely draw some attention to your displays.

We have a great supply of Valentini Puffers (Canthigaster valentini) here right now. Very healthy, very hardy, eating well, and in small sizes. These are great puffers for the new hobbyist, as they are ok in smaller tanks for a good while and tolerate a wide range of conditions.

From our Fiji supply line we have a good stock of MAC Banded Sleeper Gobies (Amblygobius phalaena). These hardy little guys have great personality, and will turn over your sandbed while they scrounge for tidbits. They've also been known to eat filamentous algae.

We have an excellent bunch of hardy Pink and Purple Tip Elegance Corals(Catalaphyllia jardinei) from Australia. These have great color and really exceptional polyp extension right now.

From our SSC in the Cook Islands, we have Aquacultured Derasa Clams (Tridacna derasa) . You won't see blue rimmed Derasa like this from anyone else. These have outstanding coloration.

We really have a great selection of Acropora in stock. Have your Sales Representative to pick you out a few outstanding pieces to brighten up your coral selection.