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Bob's Picks

When I first became involved in marine fish keeping back in the 70s, very little was known about successful husbandry. Over time, we have found a great many things that affect the health and vibrance of our livestock. Filtration systems and food quality have obviously improved, but a lesser known improvement to really help the hobby has been the focus on transit and initial care of collected animals.

The events that transpire between collection and arrival on shore have a dramatic impact on the quality and health of the animal. Not only is method of collection vital, but handling and decompression are as well. Once you factor in collection basket density, quality of the holding vessels on the boat, temperature extremes, excessive jostling during transport, etc., you begin to see how many factors affect collected specimens. Whats scary is that this is only the trip back to shore. After all this they still go through transit from shore to facility. In some cases, this can be a short walk up the beach, but in others this can be a long trip of over 100 miles across bumpy dirt roads or a transfer onto another boat to go to the mainland. In the case of our Short Supply Chains (SSCs) the time it takes for an animal to reach the export facility is minimized and in turn so is the stress that the animal endures. With SSCs the time from point of collection to the export facility is most often measured in hours, where as many other supply chains measure this time in days.

Here at Quality Marine, our highest priority is to provide the best marine specimens in the world, with the least impact on the resource. Because of this we are committed to Short Supply Chains, wherever and whenever possible. We utilize these types of operations because they consistently yield higher quality specimens. In this way, we can supply you with animals in the best health, with the least handling and the minimum amount time spent in transit.

Our MAC Short Supply Chain in Fiji is coming through with some awesome Purple Queen Anthias (Pseudanthias tuka). We have large size adults that simply glow!

Another neat new item from our MAC SSC in Fiji are the Candy Pencil Wrasse Pairs (Pseudojuloides cerasinus). These would make a fabulous addition to any Wrasse fanciers collection.

Our source in the Marshall Islands sent over a limited number of Male Girdled Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus balteata). These are displaying vibrant male coloration and look great!

From our Eastern Asia supply line we have in stock some beautifully colored Red/Pink Mini-Carpet Anemones (Stichodactyla tapetum). Perfect size, stunning color.

Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative about our Reefhab Frag Pack Sampler we have available this week. Get a great mix of some high quality frags for a super price.