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Bob's Picks

How times have changed. As of late, Ive become disappointed with how the terminology Tank-raised has become so ambiguous and loosely used among different trade organizations. What used to be a very clear definition has become very confusing and oftentimes downright misleading.

When I started out in the hobby, back in the late 60's, every marine fish sold was wild collected and very little was known about their reproductive cycle. As our knowledge grew and our abilities as marine fishkeepers advanced, the possibility of breeding became a reality. Back in the day tank-raised meant a fish that was actually bred in captivity. Eggs were hatched and fry were reared all the way up to a recognizable fish.

Currently tank-raised is being tossed about so freely that some businesses use the term to classify fish which have been housed in captivity for a mere 2 to 3 weeks. If I were to adhere to this definition then a good majority of our specimens could be deemed tank-raised. I feel that watering down this definition does a disservice to the true breeders and only encourages the status quo of murkiness, instead of giving credit where its due.

Breeding of any sort entails an exorbitant amount of effort and in no way should this be diluted or misrepresented. We at Quality Marine recognize how confusing the situation has become, so we decided to institute the use of the phrase Captive Conditioned. What this means, plain and simple, is that when we list a species as Captive Conditioned, that group of animals have been here in our facility for a minimum of 60 days. They have been introduced to a variety of prepared foods and have become accustomed to a captive environment. By using this nomenclature our goal is to remove any confusion regarding the chain of custody and bring clarity to what is becoming a nebulous definition.

This week from our sources in the South Pacific we have both Adult and Juvenile Goldflake Angels (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus). The coloration is excellent and they are feeding quite heartily.

From our source in Sumatra we have large sizes of Red Fin Foxface (Siganus magnifica). These would make a stunning addition to any large reef display.

Our Sri Lanka supply line has been coming through with some awesome Indian Black Triggerfish (Melichthys indicus). Very good sized these even tempered specimens will do well in the right sized FOWLR aquarium.

Nows the time to pick up some of our Australian Pink/Purple Tip Elegance Coral (Catalaphyllia jardinei). These are some very vibrant pieces and some of the best around.

This weeks release of Reefhab frags was stupendous as usual. The Purple Diamonds Acan (Acanthastrea lordhowensis) pieces are an excellent pick with its contrasting pattern and rich coloration.