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Bob's Picks

Summer is just around the corner and its very important to monitor the arrival temperatures of your shipments and make sure your Customer Service Representative is aware of any trends that may be developing. Excessive heat can wreak even more havoc than too much cold on any shipment of cold-blooded animals. Ensuring your specimens are travelling at the proper temperature is a must. Keep in mind with the reduction of many direct flights sometimes shipments are routed in such a way that extreme temperatures cannot be avoided. Here at Quality Marine we employ the use of frozen gel packs to maintain the shipment within the acceptable range during transport, especially as the temperatures begin to rise. Just like you, we expect your consignment to arrive in optimal condition. Any information you can provide us about local conditions will help us fine tune our procedures and further ensure the proper packing of your livestock.

This week our Short Supply Chain in Fiji sent us a killer diversity of stuff. In particular, the MAC Picasso Triggers (Rhinecanthus aculeatus) are sticking out; they are a great size and in perfect condition.

On the very limited front, we have a few eye-popping Male Laboute's Fairy Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus laboutei) from one of our exclusive Short Supply Chains. These are super hardy, in flawless shape and will stop customers in their tracks.

Moving in the direction of aquacultured items, we have a nice supply of A/C Black Ocellaris Clowns (Amphiprion ocellaris). These are fat and happy, with good fins and jaws. We have a good range of sizes available.

Sticking with aquaculture, but moving over to inverts, one of our facilities sent us a gorgeous batch of A/C Robokaki Chalices (Mycedium robokaki) in a good range of sizes that are just glowing under actinic lighting. This is a can't miss cultured item.

We have a limited supply of Branching Purple Montiporas (Montipora sp.) that are big enough to sell as feature items, or to frag out for culture purposes. These have great color and polyp extension (and the polyps are positively electric).

We also have a good range of colors and sizes of the Dendronephthya Flower Corals (Dendronephthya sp.). These are very healthy, with excellent shape and bright color.