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Bob's Picks

I was just going over the weather forecast for the next week and it appears that Spring is in full swing over most of the continental US. This time of year it is especially important to let your Customer Service Representative know about your current weather conditions. Heat plays major havoc on our cold blooded charges, especially during transit because shipments can get easily overheated. During this transitional weather it is better to err on the side of caution and reduce the number of heat packs or discontinue using them altogether. Fish and invertebrates handle cooler conditions much more readily than higher temperatures which, more often than not, can be lethal.

Ultimately everyone has a unique set of circumstances, so each shipment needs its own rule of thumb. Providing your CSRs with as much information about your local weather conditions as possible helps them make the kind of decisions that allow your shipment to arrive in optimal condition. For those of you that reside in the warmer regions we do have cool packs ready for use if you request them. As always, quality, consistency and satisfaction are our priority!

I was going through our Reefhab Acanthastrea lordhowensis frags this week and the Jupiter and Cloverfield color strains are simply superb. These are showing outrageous new growth and are an excellent value.

This weeks shipment of Blue Star Damsel (Pomacentrus alleni) from South Asia are huge and exhibiting electric blue coloration. Be sure to grab a few as these wont last long.

From the West Americas if you need something HUGE for that massive display we have a limited number of outstanding Yellowtail Sawtail Tang (Prionurus punctatus). These have been feeding great, have excellent body weight and look awesome!

Out East America supply line sent through another great batch of Green Band Gobies (Elacatinus multifasciatus). These make a great addition to just about any nano aquarium.

We support aquaculture projects as much as possible and from our Indonesian supply line we have some radioactive Green Leather Thick Finger Soft Corals (Sinularia sp.). These are a very hardy and environmentally responsible choice.