News / Company News / Bob's Picks (04/08/11)

Bob's Picks

It has been another exciting week here at QM. Our new T5 lighting system was powered up and our inverts have never been happier and arguably neither have our sales staff. Our team really did their homework on this one by finding the perfect combination of lamps and now the colors really pop. For more information about our lighting upgrade, check out the full press release here.

If you havent visited us recently, now is the time to stop in and check us out. Its always a pleasure having our valued clients stop by so you can see firsthand whats transpiring here at QM, theres almost always something new going on. Our Customer Service Representatives really enjoy showing our visitors around QMs state of the art facility, so come on by!

We received a fresh batch of Barnacle Blennies (Acanthemblemaria macrospilus) this past week and they look great. These are comical little blennies that love to perch themselves within the rock and watch everything going on within their little world, tirelessly waiting for a morsel of food to come by. Be sure to order in some of these interesting specimens as they will not be in stock long.

An excellent damsel from our East America supply line is the Purple & Yellow Chromis (Chromis insolatus). As with other Chromis species, these are a communal type with a vibrant contrasting color scheme. They make for a great schooling fish that isnt as commonly seen in the trade.

We have a very good shipment of Dragonface Pipefish (Corythoichthys intestinalis) from the South Pacific in stock. These make an interesting and useful addition to most SPS displays as they are a hunter of the dreaded Red Bugs that can plague Acropora.

Another cool little oddball from our East America supply line is the Sand Puffer (Torquigener hypselogeneion). These tend to be a more seasonal item and are now available in limited numbers. If youre into puffers these guys are pretty neat.

For those corallimorph collectors we have some awesome Super Orange Bullseye Mushrooms (Rhodactis sp). There is a very limited number available so be sure to have your Customer Service Representative select a cherry piece for you.