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Bob's Picks

This weekend in Southern California is the MAX Show and I really look forward to events such as this. Its always a great opportunity to get a feel for whats going on in the industry and meet other people with a passion for the hobby. Fresh information and different perspectives can often open up new avenues of thought and suddenly the possibility of tapping into a whole new market unfolds. Sometimes the old dog can learn new tricks!

First hand exposure is always a good thing and so is the tangible experience it gives us to draw from. I hope I get to meet some of you that are fortunate enough to take part this weekend. At the very least, for the industry professionals that will be attending, I hope you take the opportunity to stop by and see whats happening here at QM.

We have a great selection of one of my favorite Rabbitfish the Two Bar Spinefoot (Siganus doliatus). They come from our MAC Certified Short Supply Chain in Fiji and are great for hair algae control. When in full adult coloration these are simply amazing.

Our Fijian MAC SSC Sixline Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) are some the best the industry has to offer. These are fat and perky with vibrant coloration.

We had another release of our exclusive Cook Islands Ultra Clams (Tridacna maxima) this week. We have a nice assortment of colors and sizes in stock NOW!

This weeks shipment of Red Marble Stars Fromia sp. arrived in especially top notch condition so if youre in the need of some reef compatible stars this is the one.

Our supply lines in South Asia are sending over some very nice Juvenile Imperator Angels (Pomacanthus imperator) and they are feeding voraciously.