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Bob's Picks

Here at Quality Marine we continuously evaluate the performance of each of our vendor's. Thanks to our handling procedures and sophisticated tracking system we are able to compile a very accurate profile using a number of different performance metrics.

First we look at arrival mortality over an extended time frame. Obviously there are a number of factors that can influence this such as animal health at time of export, travel time (was the shipment on time or delayed), temperature (was the shipment subjected to weather extremes), water quality parameters and packing techniques just to name a few. From this point forward we monitor all subsequent losses or if any specialized treatment was needed.

In order to obtain our MAC Certified Status we were required to have absolute traceability of organisms throughout the chain of custody. Instead of adopting this for only our MAC Certified animals, we did one step better and made this a routine practice by including all animals from all of our vendors. By using the very same tank tags that we provide for our customers, we have the ability to track a particular species through their entire journey to the store. This gives us the unparalleled insight to be able to know which vendor shipment each animal came from and track it right up until it gets sold to you. If there are any issues on the customers end, we know exactly which vendor that animal came from and record this in the performance of that vendor.

All of this information is invaluable as it gives a much more concise performance review over a more extensive range of the chain of custody. Ultimately, we make well informed decisions, based on actual data, accrued over an extended period of time, as opposed to "yeah, I think those have been coming in pretty good usually".

This is just one example of the practices we employ here at QM allowing us to offer the most consistent and reliable marine specimens of the highest quality.

We have some extra large Tobacco Basslets (Serranus tabacarius) that are a really a vibrant orange not often seen.

From our Short Suppy Chain in the West Americas we have two inch Mexican Rainbow Wrasses (Thalassoma lucasanum). Still displaying their juvenile coloration, we don't get these often at this size.

From another SSC in the Maldives we have some outstanding Male Tierra Anthias (Pseudanthias pulcherrimus male). Truly beautiful, and very limited supply.

Tired of the same old hermit crabs? These little Staghorn Crabs (Manucomplanus varians w/ Janaria mirabilis) offer a very different look.

We have a good supply of aquacultured Metallic Green Torch Corals (Euphyllia glabrescens).

Lastly we just received a shipment of Rose Bubble Anemones (Entacmaea quadricolor). These are bubbly, sticky and have that eye grabbing rose coloration.