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Bob's Picks

Spring is in the air, the NCAA Basketball tournament has begun, and Opening Day for Baseball is just around the corner. As the flowers begin to bloom and the change in the weather beckons us to leave the confines of our homes and experience the outdoors, we in the Marine Livestock Industry need to take into consideration something that we often think of too late. That something is the number of heatpacks or coldpacks to use in each shipment. The colder weather we experienced this past winter prompted us to take great care to ensure the proper number of heat packs were used for each shipment. As it gets warmer however, we have to keep in mind that excessive heat can be much more damaging than cold. That said, its imperative that our Customer Service Representatives are kept abreast of any rapidly changing weather conditions and make sure that we allocate the right quantity and type of temperature control packs to make sure your animals get to you healthy and comfortably.

As the days get longer, another thing to keep in mind is that algae control will become more of a widespread concern for aquarists. Its a good idea to keep your cleanup crews well stocked and weve got the best selection around, so you are bound to be able to find the right mix of animals to help keep your tanks looking clean and satisfy your customers needs.

We have in some very nice Juvenile Imperator Angels (Pomacanthus imperator) from our South Asia sources. The coloration is exceptional, they are very alert and feeding well.

From our MAC certified Short Supply Chain in Fiji we have a very limited number of Juvenile Blue Spot Lemonpeel Angels(Centropyge flavissimus) . These are something special to see while they are still in their juvenile stage.

Ive always been a huge fan of the Chromis Genus and this week from West America we have in stock the Scissortail Chromis( Chromis atrilobata) . These are not found in the trade often but make a great schooling fish for larger size displays.

From our SSC in Tonga we received a batch of Patriot Bullseye Mushrooms Rhodactis inchoata. These have a very nice Red, White & Blue color and look great.

Be sure to touch base with your Customer Service Representative this coming week regarding our excellent selection of Sea Stars. While some are not reef safe, your CSR can steer you in the correct direction for your application.