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Bob's Picks

All of you are aware of the devastating earthquake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami. My condolences go out to the families that were affected by this tragedy. Due to the epicenter of this natural disaster, there will be an effect on the supply this coming week but to what extent is uncertain. We had one delay so far as collection was halted due to the tsunami warning that was in effect. This is another reminder of how fragile our industry can be and the number of factors that can interrupt the supply line.

On a more positive note we just released captive conditioned Blue Hippo Tangs Paracanthurus hepatus this week. We initiated this program at the request of the many public aquariums we supply. When you see Captive Conditioned it means that these specimens have been held here at the Los Angeles facility for a minimum of 60 days and have been transitioned to a captive environment. They have been feeding on a totally prepared diet from the many feeds we provide (including a dry type as well). We are open to suggestions to any particular species you would like to see us provide in the future. This is truly an exciting development here at QM!

From our East America supply line we received some very good sized and brightly colored Black Cap Basslets(Gramma melacara). The quantity is limited so get one while we have them.

I know these guys are aggressive and should go in a FOWLR set up but the Pacific Barred Serrano Basslet (Serranus psittacinus) from our West America supply line is just too cool not to mention. These have a voracious appetite but their pattern gives them a very unique look.

Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative about the Blue-Green Reef Chromis Promo we have this week. These MAC certified specimens from our Short Supply Chain in Fiji are coming in great and are a super substitute for that industry staple the Green Chromis. The Blue-Green Reef Fish (Chromis atropectoralis) is almost identical with a very similar temperament and tendency to school. They do get a bit larger, will exhibit 2 black bars in the tail, and are much hardier.

From our SSC in Tonga we have some Green Starflower Coral (Astreopora sp) that is absolutely glowing. If youre looking for something that is a little out of the ordinary this is the piece for you!

This coming week will see another release of our exclusive Cook Island Aquacultured Reefhab Tridacna maxima Clams. These babies, handled with the trademark QM TLC, are absolutely glowing pieces of eye candy and are sure to please.