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Bob's Picks

Last week we started talking about the importance of Short Supply Chains and how important they are. We briefly touched on QR code Tank Tags, and that needs a little more explaining. What is a QR Tank Tag you ask? Well, for every fish we sell, we can provide static cling labels. On each label is a QR code, a techy, matrix looking box. If you scan it with your Smartphone* it will direct your browser to our mobile site where you can learn key facts about that specific fish.

Customers who use this in your store will be able to identify an animal, see if that animal is suitable for their aquarium, what foods it needs, what country it came from, and even when it arrived at and departed from Quality Marine, even if every employee in the store is busy. Because we track every animal from every shipment from the collector all the way through our facility and to the customer we sell it to, we have decades worth of data telling us exactly which fish from which vendors perform the best for us and our customers. No other importer tracks their animals to this level of detail, and for over a year now we have been offering that information to you.

Whats more, you and your customers can learn all about Quality Marine, the products we offer and our commitment to sustainability; not to mention all the other cool and useful features on the way. Our hope is that it helps hobbyists and retailers alike become better and more informed aquarists.

This week our Short Supply Chain in Fiji sent us some very nice MAC Leopard Wrasses (Macropharyngodon meleagris). Leopard wrasses are a fish where a Short Supply Chain fish can make all the difference between a fish that stays healthy and eats well and a fish that dwindles. These are in great condition, and have kept their wild feeding response intact.

We have a limited number of Klunzinger Wrasses (Thalassoma rueppellii). These Red Sea wrasses are just stunning, and not seen all that often in the trade. These are in robust health and eating everything in sight.

Lastly on the fish front, we have some Juvenile Koran Angels (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) that shouldn't be overlooked. They are starkly colored, very hardy and quite well fed.

On the invert side of the house, we have a very limited supply of some Carpet Saddle Anemones (Crytodendrum adaesivum) that we are calling "medium" but they are some of the biggest Crytodendrum I have seen in a long while.

On the Cultured front, the Aquacultured Super Red Mushrooms (Actinodiscus sp) that we have in stock right now are amazingly bright. The plugs each have a good number of polyps and they are very healthy.

Closing out today's list, if you are looking for something really different and eyepopping, the Purple Ribbon Gorgonians (Pterogorgia sp.) should fit the bill. These just came in, and are in very nice shape. Limited supply.