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Bob's Picks

Here at QM sustainability and best practices are at the forefront of how we operate, worldwide. We utilize Short Supply Chain (SSC) Vendors wherever possible and do what is necessary to support these types of operations. What do we mean by Short Supply Chain? Put very simply, when you see SSC it indicates specimens that go from collection to export facility in less than 24 hours. The majority of our SSC collectors depart in the morning and return by that afternoon thereby ensuring the least amount of transport time. The vibrancy and robustness of SSC specimens is obvious and more importantly the feeding response is minimally impacted.

Utilizing the Quality Marine QR Code Tank Tags retailers can offer to their clientele traceability and a myriad of useful information linked to the species scanned, including when/where it came from and if it is an SSC animal. It is our goal to have hobbyists and aquarium professionals utilize this wealth of information to further their knowledge and chain of custody of the aquarium inhabitant. What is a QR code Tank Tag? I'll go over it in more detail next week, for now, give your Account Manager a jingle and they can fill you in.

One of my favorite SSC fish are our female Candycane Femininus Wrasses (Anampses femininus). This is a rare and challenging fish and in these instances, SSC is the only choice.

From our SSC in Fiji, we have some very nice MAC Niger Triggers (Odonus niger) in a good variety of sizes. It always seems like the Fijian Nigers have more of the warpaint face barring than they do from other locations. Either way these are another SSC fish that comes in just amazing condition.

Since we're talking about Short Supply Chain today, I wanted to feature on more item that really looks great. The SSC Female Tierra Anthias (Pseudanthias pulcherrimus) are an anthias you don't see quite as often in the trade and it's too bad. These are very colorful and we have excellent results in house with this supply chain.

For those of you looking for something just a little weirder, we have a good selection of Octopodes (Octopus sp) in house. (Yes, the plural isn't octopi like everyone thinks.) These are a great size for aquariums and they don't need a ton of space. What they do need is something to do, and a very tight fitting lid. Houdini had nothing on these guys.

We have just recieved a killer batch of Orange Tongan Scolymia (Scolymia vitensis) that are glowing orange. Our stock picture does no justice to this batch of this coral. Feed these (and any other scoly) a couple big meaty meals over the first week you have them and watch em puff up.

On the aquacultured front, we continue to get some of the most amazing Aquacultured Maxima Clams (Tridacna maxima) from our facility in the Cook Islands. We've added a small selection of them to our WYSIWYG, but the quality of the others here does not drop off at all, in fact I think some are nicer than the ones we featured.