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Bob's Picks

This last week, Fiji was inundated with a torrential downpour that led to massive flooding and closed a number of the major highways there, causing considerable turmoil throughout the country. While this impacts our trade, and disrupts one of our best SSC / MAC supply lines, there is a human aspect to this that is much more important, and we realize this. It is our hope the Islands of Fiji recover quickly from this natural disaster and that the impact is minimal.

While this made for a challenging week here, our valued collectors braved the elements and went about their routine as soon as they could. Shipments have resumed and we should be back on track next week but I feel our exporters in Fiji deserve a special mention as they came through in a most tumultuous situation. Our Fijian MAC exporter is another example of true dedication that many times is all too easily overlooked in an industry that is much more difficult than what it appears to be.

This week we have some beautiful Juvenile Goldflake Angels(Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus). These would be better suited to the more experienced hobbyist but these guys are eating like little pigs.

Not seen in the trade very often is the Leather Zebra Grouper (Dermatolepis dermatolepis). We have a very limited number available and they would look awesome in a Sea of Cortez display.

If you have a large aquarium (and I mean LARGE) that is in need of a different looking schooling fish we have some very nice juvenile Oriental Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus lineatus). These are feeding heartily but keep in mind these do become a good sized fish.

For those LPS coral fanciers we have some vibrant Red Button Corals (Cynarina lacrymalis) available. The coloration is stunning so be sure to have your Customer Service Representative pick you out one of these cherries.

Just a heads up as we have a super buy on the Melanesian Aquacultured Small Giant Clam (Tridacna maxima). These are an excellent value as they are showing some really awesome potential to be quite stunning.