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Bob's Picks

Not all exporters are created equal and the overall quality of stock from each exporter is directly tied to the vision and commitment to sustainability of the operator. We consistently visit all our vendors to ensure that their vision of what the chain of custody should be like closely matches our own. Every time I go, seeing them operate first hand and seeing proof that Short Supply Chain practices reduce loss all throughout the chain of custody becomes immediately apparent. It is so clear how SSCs consistently produce a stronger and more vibrant specimen. By reducing the amount of time an animal is in transit you also reduce the amount of stress they are subjected to, lessening the impact on their immune and nervous systems.

Because heavily populated areas impact collection grounds profoundly, fishermen have to search for more secluded sites, not subject to the problems inherent in waters near large cities. This in turn leads to the lengthening of transit time and is the basis for many of the issues that can arise. While large, centrally located export stations offer the convenience of consolidating species from many supply chains, the trade off is extended travel times from the point of collection. In addition, Short Supply Chains offer the benefit of better traceability and affords more opportunity to get needed information back to the collectors.

Our Fijian Short Supply Chain sent us nice batch of Arc Eye Hawkfish (Paracirrhites arcatus) that are in excellent condition and a good size for a variety of displays. I like these as they are a splash of something different.

On the much more limited front, we have a nice group of Radiant Wrasses (Halichoeres iridis) from one of our Red Sea vendors that are in very nice condition and in a very usable small size. These have been somewhat rare for the last few months and they always sell quickly regardless.

From our aquacultured sources, we have a good supply of A/C Black Clarkii Clowns (Amphiprion clarkii). These are in great shape with good fins and jaws. They are a medium size meaning they have started turning black.

From the invert side of the house, we have a great selection of both Metallic Green Trumpet Corals (Caulastrea sp.) and Candy Button Corals (Caulastrea sp.). These are in excellent shape and you can get just about any size you are interested in.

One of our coral farms keeps sending us these just flat out amazing A/C Robokaki Chalice Corals (Mycedium robokaki) and so we have a nice supply right now that are all jaw droppers. Add them to your order without hesitation.

Lastly we have a very limited supply of some extremely nice (and large) Gold Tip Anchors (Euphyllia ancora). These are destined to be showpieces wherever they end up. I would save one for the shop display.