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Bob's Picks

Memorial Day is just around the corner to kick off the official start to summer but dont fret as we have a full slate of shipments arriving daily. Being familiar with summer time trends and what it takes to thrive in a traditionally slow season, we'll make sure to keep your interest piqued so you can keep your customers riveted with some really unique items. (Not to mention a full inventory of traditional standbys.) The summer season requires some planning and weve got some ideas cooking to make this coming holiday week a good one. Are you aware that you can combine some freshwater tropical fish from Aquatropic with your shipment? This is a great way to minimize your transportation cost, and maximize your dollar. QM also carries select lines of dry goods and frozen foods that can ride with your marine fish order as well. Our one stop shopping combined with the highest quality livestock available, means less waste and higher margins when it matters most.

Have you ever stocked an Aquacultured Elephant Ear Mushroom (Rhodactis mussoides)? Well, now you can. Leave these in your display tank for a couple days and watch them balloon up in size.

On the wild side of things, we have a limited supply of Crater Trachys (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) in both red and green with some just mindblowing patterning.

If a slightly different shrimp is your cup o tea, consider the Curly-Que Anemone Shrimp (Alpheus armatus). As their name indicates, they will associate with the Curly Q Anemone. With or without the nem, these are a cool and very hardy shrimp.

On the fish side of the house we have a nice selection of Male Peacock Flasher Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus temmincki) from a Short Supply Chain that are in magnificent shape, with long flowing fins and brilliant coloration.

We have a good number of SSC Dragonface Pipefish (Corythoichthys intestinalis) that are in classic Short Supply Chain shape. This is a very useful fish, and no frag / acro tank is complete without a couple. They are voracious predators of all sorts of bad critters, but most famously of acropora mites.

Lastly, for something a bit different, our MAC supply line in Fiji sent us a nice batch of MAC Yellow Back Goatfish (Mulloides sp.). There aren't very many, but the yellow striping really stands out and they are in superb condition.