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Bob's Picks

How does your local LFS get ready for the summer season? Are they fully stocked and ready for pond season? Do they highlight the elevated need for routine maintenance especially during this period of heightened algal growth? Many times overlooked as we begin preparation for the dog days of summer is the importance of maintaining a diverse inventory even as your walk in traffic begins to fluctuate. Of course every shop needs the usual complement of bread and butter species displayed in well maintained aquariums but what about a little spice? We have a wide assortment of sand sifting gobies, algae grazing surgeonfish, blennies, snails and hermit crabs. These are just a few of the functional alternatives that give your clientele another reason to make your shop their destination of choice. Our Customer Service Representatives are here to alert you to all the cool species we have arriving on a daily basis or you can dive into our online ordering portal that allows you to bring up a picture of any specimen in question. Here at Quality Marine, we pride ourselves on keeping a diverse and deep stock year round, so that you, our customers, have the options you need to make your summer season a success.

One of our culture facilities sent us an amazing batch of Aquacultured Tomato Clowns (Amphiprion frenatus) that are just about perfect. They are a perfect medium size with great fin condition and deep coloration.

For those of you looking for a show fish, we have some absolutely perfect show size Adult Achilles Tangs (Acanthurus achilles). They are nice and fat; all sporting that jet black coloration.

We have a good supply of Watanabe Angels (Genicanthus watanabei) in stock from a QM exclusive Short Supply Chain. the males in this batch have just outstanding coloration, and many of them have very long streamers. The females are also in spectacular shape.

On the invert side of the house we have an excellent selection of Bubble Anemones right now, the Rose Bulbs (Entacmaea quadricolor) in particular are really popping. There is an unbelievable variety of coloration and the general condition and sizes are excellent.

On the cultured side on inverts, we have some A/C Red Dented Brains (Symphyllia sp.) that are just wildly colored and have big, happy mantles.

If you are looking for value, we have a great selection of Red People Eater Palys (Palythoa sp.) in medium and large colonies with excellent coverage. These could be left as impact pieces, or fragged out for culture purposes.