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Bob's Picks

We are in the home stretch of the holiday season and we have a vast inventory on hand with a full slate of arrivals scheduled throughout the rest of the year. We are doing our best to provide as much diversity as possible so you in turn can offer a wide selection to your clientele.

By providing an interesting array of specimens you can help to inspire those in need of gift ideas. Make sure that you also offer Gift certificates for your store so as to provide an easy purchase option for shoppers looking to find a present for their favorite aquarist. We know all too well the trials and tribulations of many an aquarist receiving a gift that is totally unsuitable to their aquatic environment, which makes gift certificates all the better. I know a gift certificate may not be as glamorous as a bright red and blue spotted Miniatus Grouper but in the long run it is the more responsible decision. Its also a great way to get the hobbyist back into your store to potentially purchase even more!

From our Fijian Short Supply Chain we have a great supply of MAC Lemon Peel Angels (Centropyge flavissimus). These are brilliant yellow, in the kind of condition you expect from an SSC, and good and chubby from eating everything they see.

Another eye grabber we have here right now are the Show Size Streamer Blonde Naso Tangs (Naso elegans). We don't have a lot of them, but they are stunning and in great shape.

On the aquacultured front our Cultured Red Saddle Clowns (Amphiprion ephippium) are a rich deep red and a perfect medium size. Of all our cultured clowns, these are really really popping out as the coolest right now.

Staying with the cultured theme but switching over to inverts, we got in a new supply of Cultured Mushroom Emerald Flower (Ricordea yuma) this week that are awesome. The rocks have good coverage, with really nice size polyps on them.

On the slightly more limited front, we have some Purple & Orange Debelius Lobsters (Enoplometopus debelius). These little guys are super colorful and taking meaty food. They are a perfect size for a desktop nano display.

The selection of Australian Acropora here is eye opening right now. Be sure and ask your sales rep to pick you out few pieces for your next order.