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Bob's Picks

I was looking over our selection of WYSIWYG corals today and it got me to thinking about the industry terms Ultra, Premium, Select and so on. These terms are frequently very subjective. Just like everything subjective, something I think is amazing, you might assess to be just alright or vice versa. Further confounding the already somewhat confusing nomenclature is the color shift that can happen to coral due to a number of outside influences.

Stress can cause a shift in coloration whether it be from shipping, water quality, temperature, etc. Variances in lighting like power, coloration and even source; be it LEDs or Halides or fluorescents or some combination of the above can really vary a corals appearance. Some corals can lose or gain substantial coloration in a very short time of being fed, or being deprived of food.

To take this to another level we are starting to see different color morphs of cultured marine fish coming to the forefront and many of these same descriptive terms are now being applied to them as well. Given the uniqueness of every piece of coral and even cultured fish coloration its easy to see how in our efforts to highlight something special there is still a huge part that hinges on the component of human perception.

In a nutshell we have become a pretty adept group of aquarists and its really starting to show. This is such an awesome development as it shows me how much our industry and hobby has evolved over the last 30 years.

One of our Aquaculture facilities sent us an amazing batch of Cultured Pink Branching Monipora (Montipora sp) that are just an astounding bright pink color and larger than the usual size.

We have a limited selection of Electric Flame Scallops (Lima sp.) that are lighting up like crazy. We see the "electric" variety of the lima genus much less frequently than the regular flame scallop, so get these while you can.

Just last night we got a shipment of Acropora (Acropora sp). The color and condition of these is top notch, and they will not be here long come Monday morning.

One of the most sought after tangs we get is the Blue and Yellow Hippo Tangs (Paracanthurus hepatus) and we have a jaw dropping selection of small and tiny ones. These are eating everything, have done extremely well in house and are small enough so that they are still tightly schooling.

Also in the vein of rare and cool we have a very limited number of Lunula Triggers (Rhinecanthus lunula). Like all the rest of the fish in this genus, these are amazingly hardy and will eat just about anything you throw at them. Unlike the rest of the fish in this genus, these show up in the hobby somewhat rarely.

Lastly, on the cultured front, we have a nice batch of Cultured (obviously) Pearl Eye Clarkii Clownfish (Amphiprion clarkii). While we don't have a ton of them, the ones we do have are showing great coloration and are in very good shape.