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Bob's Picks

During the summer months (when the number of outside distractions increases) it becomes even more important to differentiate your shop from the competition. Being the shop that actually has something worth making the trip for is one of the important ways to keep hobbyists coming in. A few unique specimens, great displays, competitive sales and events all play a role.

What really sets your establishment apart from the competition year round? Price consciousness alone does not make for a successful aquarist (or a successful shop) and there is much to be said for the shop owner where integrity and commitment are paramount not only in the animals they choose to sell, but also the advice and education they give their customers.

A huge part of maintaining a successful marine aquarium is the constant educational process that happens between an excellent aquarium store and their regular customers. You are the first place hobbyists go for information, getting them the right information keeps them coming back. Long term successful shop owners have the title long term because they share good information that more often than not has been learned from their own practical experience. This kind of customer loyalty is hard won and should be cherished; these customers are the ones who will come in all summer long.

If rare is what you want, we have a very limited number of Purple Carpet Anemones (Stichodactyla sp.) that make for an amazing showpiece. Make sure these get lots of food. A large brightly colored carpet doesn't need much light but it does need big regular (like every other day) meals.

Also on the "something different" front, there is a nice batch of Moontail Bullseye Soldierfish (Priacanthus hamrur) that are a very rare stock item for us. All are a great aquarium size and eating well.

We also have a stupendous selection of Green Large Bubble Coral (Plerogyra sinuosa) in stock that have a killer variety of color variations and excellent polyp extension. These will always look rough when they show up because like a lot of LPS corals, shipping can be hard on them. Just give them a couple days in gentle flow and a couple meals. These are stunners.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji we have some excellent MAC Male Exquisite Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus exquisitus). These have excellent coloration and are in great shape. If you add these to tanks with other planktivores like chromis, Exquisites will "herd" the chromis like a sheep dog.

On the Aquacultured front we have a great supply of Cultured Montipora, but the AC Purple Branching Montipora (Montipora sp.) are just killer, they are a very cool shade of blue/purple and should be checked out.

Also from that Aquacultured list, the Aquacultured Onyx Percula Clownfish (Amphiprion percula) are an awesome size, have great coloration and are in stupendous shape. These are nothing short of excellent.