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Bob's Picks

Summer will soon be upon us and checking the upcoming weather forecast, it appears hot temperatures are again on their way. I can't encourage you enough to notify your Customer Service Representative when you are experiencing extreme temperatures so we can prepare your shipment accordingly. We obviously get the national weather forecast, and we utilize this tool as best we can. Sometimes localized conditions can be more elusive, or just plain overlooked, making your personal feedback as important as ever. Just like you, we want your shipment to experience as little stress as possible during transit so keeping temperature fluctuation to an absolute minimum is a priority. The other thing you can do to help ensure stable conditions for your consignment is to send us a follow up report noting basic water chemistry, temps and clarity/turbidity. We use this information to help us fine tune packing conditions for future shipments. In the end, we just want to ensure that your shipment arrives in the conditions we require and that you expect.

This week, I just can't pass up telling you about the Flame Wrasse Pairs (Cirrhilabrus jordani) we just got in stock. In one word, gorgeous. Keep a watch on our Facebook page for more on these, some photos may well end up there.

For those of you looking for some show sized fish, there is a school of size 80 Threadfin Lookdowns (Selene vomer) that are totally conditioned and in perfect shape. If you've been looking for a big group of big fish for that one special display, now's the time.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have a limited supply of Gold Spotted Spinefoot Rabbitfish (Siganus punctatus). These are easily the most beautiful Rabbits in my opinion, and they seem to do best in groups. I like 5 or more, but I think 3 is a minimum. They are also voracious algae eaters.

We have a good supply of Gorgonian (Sea Fans) in right now, and a few of them are Purple Ribbon Gorgonians (Pterogorgia sp.). These are in excellent shape with brilliant coloration.

From one of our culture facilities, we have some very nice Aquacultured Long Polyp Green Flowerpots (Goniopora sp.). These have excellent polyp extension, and several of them have light blue eyes. These will sell quickly.

Also on the aquacultured front, there is a limited number of A/C Plating Orange Montiporas (Montipora sp.) that are bigger than the average cultured offering, already with several plates started.