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Whats new at QM?

What's New at Qualtiy Marine?
The first quarter of 2006 has been a busy one for the staff at Quality Marine. In a never-ending quest to improve quality, service, value and efficiency, QM continuously overhauls its systems, processes and infrastructure.
One of the biggest changes at Quality Marine is the ongoing holding system expansion. Over the past 12 months we have added nearly 30% fish and 50% invertebrate holding capacity, and have upgraded filtration capacity and design to handle again as much growth. The result is even healthier marine animals and larger inventory through further improved water quality, further optimized holding conditions, and longer acclimation and conditioning durations.
Another new development that customers will immediately appreciate is our completely redesigned website. It features online viewable complete product catalogs for both live animals and hard-good products, customer password access to downloadable catalogs with current pricing, daily updated product inventories, online order placement, pending order review, order history, order profile, and account statements. Our website features New Product Profiles, a searchable database of articles written both by staff and industry professionals, a calendar of events, sections featuring industry news and trends, new developments at Quality Marine, and a technical support database featuring frequently asked questions and answers. Our site is truly dynamic with inventory changes reflected daily, and new information and articles published weekly. We anticipate the site to grow rapidly in content and in functionality, and hope it proves to be a valuable resource.