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What's New at Quality Marine

What's New at Quality Marine
We have recently made a few updates to our online purchase order system.
Real Time Inventory:
Our livestock inventory is truly dynamic as thousands of fish, coral, and invertebrates move though our facility daily. A major challenge we face is providing an accurate list of available items to our customers. We have recently re-designed our online purchase order to display real-time inventory data. Users will be able to instantly see items as they become available and fluctuations in inventory levels without refreshing the screen. Items that have recently changed quantity temporarily display a bold quantity. With respect to your purchase order, the quantity ordered does not change, instead the allocation of quantity available and backorder quantity are automatically adjusted to reflect actual inventory.
Inventory Ticker:
A new Inventory Ticker on the bottom left of the screen highlights critical inventory changes.
  • Items running out of stock ( less than or equal to 5) show a downward red arrow.
  • New additions to our stocklist show an upward green arrow.
The purchase order screen now contains two quantity columns in addition to the column indicating amount ordered. These new columns display what portion of the quantity ordered is available and what is backordered. Available and Backorder are defined as follows:
  1. Available shows what portion of the quantity ordered is currently in stock.
  1. Backorder shows what portion of the quantity ordered is not currently salable or in stock. Items that are on backorder, that were added to the submitted PO, may be included in the shipped order if they become available between the time the order is placed and the time the order is filled. If these items do not become available within that time, these items will NOT automatically be shipped on a separate order once they do become available. Instead, at the start of your next purchase order these items will be listed and separated into Now Available and Not Yet Available. At this point you can choose to either add available items to your new purchase order, keep them on the backorder list without adding them to your purchase order, or deleting them from your backorder list.
This functionality enables customers to order a larger quantity than what is presently listed' as available. Customers now have the ability to improve their chances of getting exactly what they want rather than ordering simply what is listed as available. QM typically has far more inventory than what is actually listed, in most part due to our holding practices. We try and hold most fish a minimum of 48-72 hours prior to offering them for sale. Fish are constantly becoming available throughout the day when they are deemed to be of good health and salable.

The backorder function may also be used to add unavailable items to the cart that in future orders will show up under the Available section in the backorder page once they are in stock.
Pending Arrivals
This list displays items that are in stock and not yet salable or pending arrivals. Users can look through this list and place desired items on backorder.
Increased Readability
To make our ever growing stocklist easier to read, we have modified our Item information from being displayed in all CAPITAL letters to Proper Case.