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Welcome to the New

Welcome to the New
Quality Marine is pleased to announce our new website with many changes and features to enhance functionality, appearance and user friendliness for our customers and hobbyists. Note that we have changed our web address by dropping the 'usa', and will simply be using Attempts to use the older address will redirect to the new one. You may wish to change your favorites' or saved links to Quality Marine to reflect the new web address.
Here are some of the changes and new features you can expect to see:

Public Site
  • Redesigned home page
  • New Hobbyist Registration with QM Customer Store Locator, Industry News RSS feeds and weekly newsletter
  • Products pages have been redesigned to allow the display of all items within a category and an enhanced layout of product information and images
  • Product detail page for each live item with detailed product information and a large image
  • Improved prominence of new articles on home page and better organization of existing articles in news pages
  • Enhanced site search
  • Enhanced product navigation with 'next' and 'all' buttons on each page as well as hyperlinked and clickable cookie trail for news and products pages
  • Enhanced links page layout allowing more links to display on a single page
  • Natural language URLs and links
  • Compliant with W3C coding standards: XHTML compliant

Customer Site
  • Specials and Daily Stocklist: virtually real-time with updates every 15 minutes
  • Invoice Details: grouped by products and then categories, etc.

Web Purchase Order
  • Faster loading of Stocklist, specials, pending items and recent orders
  • New tab for invertebrates (improves initial page loading time)
  • Cursor rollover on live items shows image, care attributes and region information
  • Clicking on item opens a window with detailed information and large images
  • Dynamic total calculation for
  • Updated navigation bar displaying username along with separate save and close buttons
  • Option to change all substitutions
  • Enhanced layout of the review screen
  • Continuing support for the previous version