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Vinyl QM Tank Tags

Vinyl QM Tank Tags
Historically, Quality Marine has used and sold to its customers a proprietary tank-tag, a laminated card with a small suction cup. Although great in it's own right, and by no means obsolete, we have further developed the concept, and are now offering the new and improved tags alongside the existing ones.
There are a number of differences that set these new tags apart from the existing ones. Rather than hanging from a suction-cup, the new vinyl tags are static-cling, and adhere easily and securely to wet and dry glass or acrylic surfaces. They are clear so as to be less obtrusive, and not block customers' view of the specimens inside the aquarium, particularly important if many different animals are housed in a community aquarium for sale. The tags can be placed either inside or outside the aquarium, and can be moved easily from tank to tank as the animals are moved for cleaning or consolidation. The tags bear the QM logo to alert customers that the fish being sold are Quality Marine Fish, and most importantly, the tags come pre-printed with common name, scientific name, ID number, shipment date, country of origin, and an area for notes and retail selling price. These tank tags are pre-printed with the contents of each customer order. One tag is printed per item ordered, save for bulk items like damsels, small hermits and snails that are ordered in larger lot quantities. A few blank tags are included with each order so customers have the flexibility of labeling items received in bulk not kept in the same aquarium or to label items not received on the order.
Benefits are reduced labor and human error when putting fish away for resale, clear, clean and uniform labeling of specimens, and reassurance to buying consumers that they are receiving an animal that had top quality care not only at the retail store where it is being purchased, but throughout its chain of custody. The tags bear both scientific and common names and country of origin information, helpful for newer staff and for novice customers. Shipment dates and item ID information help retail stores track their inventory, turnover, sales and profitability.
We will provide these tags at no cost through the end of October, after which the nominal cost associated with them will be passed on to our customers. Please contact your sales representative for details about this exciting development.