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V2 Skim Protein Skimmers: A Great Value with a

V2 Skim Protein Skimmers: A Great Value with an Award Winning Design
After only a few months on the market, the V2Skim line of Protein Skimmers has just been voted Best Marine Product 2006 by the readers of Practical Fishkeeping magazine! This is a great achievement and really underlines the quality and reliability of these skimmers.
V2 Skim features:
  • Bubble trap optional for smaller sumps or for when skimmer is used as a hang on attached to the display tank. The bubble trap is also a convenient place to use different chemical media such as carbon, phosphate removers and others.
  • Silencer for venturi air injection intake This unique design reduces the loud noise created by the venturi to a whisper. This great feature makes the V2 Skim one of the quietest skimmers available!
  • Screw on collection cup with high quality O-ring Provides easy removal of cup while providing a water type seal, making skimmer leak-free for out of sump applications.
  • Collection cup drainage port comes with a plug and is optional for those wishing to provide a larger volume container to hold the waste (skimmate) removed by the skimmer.
  • Easy adjustment of water level Return pipe features an easy to use dial to make fine adjustments to the water level inside the skimmer.
  • Ability to use in sump or as a hang on Provides what other in-sump skimmers don't. These versatile skimmers can be used in either fashion depending on aquarists needs.
  • Efficient Internal design - helps to diffuse flow and allow bubbles to naturally rise to the surface of the skimmer cup, allowing more concentrated skimmate to be extracted.
  • New UL listed Rio pump these pumps are quiet, have been UL listed, and are far more reliable than older Rio models.