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Try our new Beta Online Ordering System

Our online ordering system is one of the many key ingredients that makes the customer experience all the better here at Quality Marine. The ordering process has become very streamlined and allows our sales reps more time to take care of their customers as opposed to spending all that time keying in orders.

We have just released an updated version of our online ordering system for our customers to use. We have retained the same feel to the system, but have added some key elements that we hope our customers will find are very useful. While we trial this new system we will continue to provide customers with access to the old version just as they are used to.

For those who want to try out our new version they need to first login and then they should see the option appear (as seen below) to click on the 'Web PO Beta'. Clicking here will open up a new tab in your browser with our online ordering system, which you can use to complete your next order. So give it a try and let us know what you think!
What's New:
  • Find what you are looking for faster with our new filter or quick jump menus
    • A new filter feature which allows you to filter by region, size, common name, scientific name, or any combination of which with ease. The ability to filter by region is a great feature for Public aquariums or export customers looking for fish only from certain locales.
    • the quick jump menu has been greatly enhanced to allow customer to more quickly find the item they are looking for.
  • Get what you expect with our new size guidelines and large pictures.
    • Pop up graphics display the items size range in inches.
    • Large pop up graphics for fish and inverts with key item details like scientific name, region origin, size range, care requirements, and other identifying information.
  • And more...

Here's a screenshot of our large image pop up window: