News / Company News / The Picks (06/26/15)

The Picks

During the summer months, opportunities for distractions away from our aquariums abound. As aquarium industry professionals, it is not time to pack it in, it is time to us to step up and differentiate your shop from the competition. Being the shop that actually has something worth making the trip for is one of the important ways to keep hobbyists coming in. A few unique specimens, great displays, competitive sales and events all play a role.

The kind of customers who keep coming in aren't the ones interested in the same old stuff. That isn't to say you shouldn't have the normal bread and butter stuff, because those seasoned customers bring new friends with them all the time. What it does mean is that you need something in there that brings some interest to your reef veterans. Stocking a unique coral or fish (and then making some noise about it online) is a surefire way to get some foot traffic in the shop.

Speaking of something different, we have a limited supply of Velvet Gumdrop Fish (Caracanthus madagascariensis). These are super cool little fish, and perfect for that desktop nano display you have by the register. Handle with care though, these little guys pack a venomous sting, and it's not fun.

For something a little bigger, and perhaps even more stunning, we have a select few Bandit Angels (Apolemichthys arcuatus) in stock that are in stellar shape. They don't come often, and when they do, they sell quickly.

On the invert side of things, be sure to check out the Aquacultured Clams (Tridacna sp) that we have in stock right now. There is a great selection of species and sizes. Definitely ask you Account Manager about them.

There is a few Phataria Stars (Phataria unifascialis) around here right now and under actinic lighting, these are something special.