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The Picks

Australia has banned fishing for coral reef fish during the full moons during spawning periods in an effort to protect fish during periods of extreme vulnerability as they aggregate to spawn. We are currently in the first of two closures, this one runs from October 21 to October 25. The next closure is from midnight November 19 to midnight November 23. A guide to what fishes fall under these new protections is available at . We expect to see little disruption in supply as a result of these closures, though availability of some species may be slightly impacted in the short term.

Looking elsewhere in the world, we have an amazing stock of specimens from the Red Sea, from some absolutely gorgeous Asfur Angels (Pomacanthus asfur) to equally stunning Sohal Tangs (Acanthurus sohal) and many, many fish in between. Ask your Account Manager about the Red Sea Regals too. Wow.

On the invert side of the house, the Aussie Pink/Purple Tip Elegance (Catalaphyllia jardinei) are a great size, and showing really nice polyp extension. We have a beautiful selection of Aquacultured Chalice Corals (Echinophyllia sp.) from one of our cultured sources. These are all on the large end of their sizing, very colorful and healthy.