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The Picks

In the last couple weeks, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that will ban and phase out single use plastic bags over the course of the next two years. This is an important decision for lessening the amount of plastic waste entering the Pacific Ocean, and its well documented ill effects. Other cities and states have either enacted or at least tabled ideas about similar bans. This has ramifications for based aquatics retailers as plastic bags have always been favored for their durability when saturated. Individual packing bags, like those used for bagging up fish, are not banned by the language and their continued use is expected without hiccup. Which means we can still send you your fish, and your customers can continue to take home their aquarium critters, the same way they always did.

We have so many neat things here right now. There is a very solid supply of the Aquacultured Scribbled Angels (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi). These are in great shape, eating everything we throw at them and a perfect size. For those of you looking for something still unique but quite a bit larger, ask your account manager about the selection of large triggerfish here right now. They'll have lots of options.

On the invertebrate side of the house, there is a new batch of Australian Corals ready for release and the selection of Scolymia is pretty outstanding.