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The Picks

In the last week, several new protections for marine animals came to the forefront. After a year of deliberation, Manta Rays, Hammerhead & Oceanic Whitetip Sharks have been added to CITES appendix II. This marked the first time that such commercially valuable shark species had garnered this type of protection. This decision will have very little impact on the ornamental fish industry.

In addition, 20 coral species were designated as "Threatened" under the definitions set forth by the Endangered Species Act. There was some initial confusion as to how this would impact trade in these items, even ones that are currently being cultured for us, which is the vast majority of the Acropora we sell. So far there has not been action that would make them illegal to harvest or conduct trade in. These types of prohibitions are certainly not off the table, but it will take a separate process to initiate further protections. If you haven't before, it is time to pay attention to this, as these decisions could have far reaching impacts on our trade. Find out more at You can learn more about PIJAC at

Speaking of cultured corals, we have some stunningly nice Gold Tip Torch Coral (Euphyllia ancora) that are really brilliantly colored and have great polyp extension. On the mushroom end of aquaculture, our A/C Blue Stripe Mushrooms (Actinodiscus sp) are almost metallic looking and the discs have near perfect coverage.

On the fish side of things, we have a couple of items here that aren't on just anybody's "aquacultured fish" list. Take for example the Aquacultured Queensland Groupers. There is a limited number of these, and they are still sporting the vibrant juvenile coloration. We are also offering Aquacultured Wideband Clownfish (Amphiprion latezonatus), which is a first for us.