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The Picks

Schools back in, and everyone is recovered from the Labor Day festivities (I hope) and it is time to get down to fishy business (well, and coral business too). If you haven't yet started to ramp up your bio-load for the regular season, now is the time. One of the biggest mistakes store owners make is bringing in too many fish at one time. The bio-load in the system can't be handled by the filtration and you start see some of your more sensitive animals suffer, and in extreme cases they can be lost.

Your store is going to need some fish as a "standing order" over the next few months anyway, things like Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) and Volitan Lions (Pterois volitans) are super hardy and unlikely to shrink your inventory, just add a couple items to the list every week, instead of doing it all at once. You'll also find that your business picks up; your displays will be more full and your customers are more likely to see that one fish they just can't pass up. The extra benefit is the stability of your system and the condition of your charges.

Inverts like Cultured Euphyllia Corals are also nice and hardy after they get acclimated. Just keep these out of direct flow and give them some chopped silversides and they'll be happy & healthy till their new owner shows up and HAS TO HAVE THEM!