News / Company News / The Picks (08/22/14)

The Picks

The quality of the initial supply chain can make the difference between an animal that is healthy, vibrant & salable and a fish you lose to your hospital tank or worse, lose totally. QM focuses the majority of our sourcing efforts on on Short Supply Chains because the animals they produce are simply better. They perform better here in every measurable way and have maintained a wild feeding response that can be lacking in animals from longer supply chains. This dedication is one of the reasons we are able to continually offer the highest quality specimens in marine aquaria. Thank you for continuing to support us as we continue to do this job the right way.

On the topic of SSC fish, we have some very nice MAC Golden Domino Damsels (Dascyllus auripinnis) in from our Fiji supplier. There is a good range of sizes, but limited numbers of each. These are in the kind of condition you expect from SSC suppliers.

From one of our Central Pacific SSCs we have an excellent selection of Flame Hawks (Neocirrhites armatus). These guys are fat and getting fatter on our feeding regimen here.

On the invert side of the house, there is a lot of pretty amazing cultured coral, but to my eye, the Large Polyp Cup Corals (Turbinaria peltata) are really in nice shape and showing very bright coloration.

We also have a good supply of Gold Stripe Clove Coral (Clavularia sp) that are showing stupendous polyp extension and brilliant gold stripes. These are very nice examples of the Gold Stripe coloration.