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The Picks

Labor Day is just around the corner, most of the kids are back in school, and it's time to prep your stocklist and your systems for the busy season. Moving huge orders into a system that has been carrying a light load for more than a few weeks will wreak havoc on your filtration. The biological aspect of your filters just can't ramp up fast enough to take up the inevitable bump in waste products. In the end, you can end up with an ammonia spike which can harm or outright kill your fish. While there are some biological products on the market that can help you deal with this (see Dr. Tim's). The time tested way to add stability to your displays is to ramp up your ordering slowly but surely over time. Just add a few extra, hardy items every week. Your system will be much more stable, and your displays will be more full, the end result of which is the opportunity for more sales and healthier fish to sell.

This week a great candidate for adding to a normal order would be some Aquacultured Melanopus Clowns (Amphiprion melanopus). These are about as hardy as aqarium fish get and are a gorgeous deep red color.

For those of you looking for something a little higher end to feature, we have some absolutely gorgeous Blue Line Angels (Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis), and a few juveniles, though honestly, the whole group of them is somewhere in the middle, making for some really gorgeous and unique looking fish. These are doing very well, and have big appetites.

On the invert side of the house, there is some especially gorgeous Green Maldivensis (Pavona maldivensis) that are big enough to use as show colonies, or are easily fraggable for those of you with that kind of equipment and time.

If cultured inverts are your speed, you will be missing out if you don't check the Aquacultured Blue Eyed Green Daisy Corals (Alveopora spongiosa) that are in stock right now. These all have excellent polyp extension and are brilliantly colored. Pick a couple up.