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The Picks

In walking among the holding tanks I have to say that I am just floored with the amount and quality of coral here right now. I am always impressed, but especially recently the specimens on that side of the house just seem to get more and more brilliant as I walk from one tank to the next. Almost that whole section could be on the WYSIWYG, but that's not how we operate, we have the best Account Managers anywhere and they can guide you down the right path. From Aquacultured softies to Aussie Scolies and Acros, there is a mind boggling selection of real true stunners in every price range and experience level. You want coral? Quality Marine has got what you need.

We have a good number of aquacultured corals in stock right now, including some brilliantly pink Pink Cauliflower (Pocillopora sp.). Also on that cultured coral front there are some very unique Simplex Bubble Coral (Plerogyra simplex) in stock right now. These have a tighter, smaller bubble than the ones you are used to and makes for a unique addition to any LPS display.

For those of you looking for brilliantly colored and different, check out the Orange Maldivensis (Pavona maldivensis). There are some green ones too, which are also amazing, but the orange ones in stock right now are gorgeous and positively glow under actinic lights.

From the fishy selection, the most recent batch of Bicolor Angels (Centropyge bicolor) are perfect. Amazing shape, well fed and the best medium size. You won't go wrong here.