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The Picks

When you deal in living organisms, the commitment to quality, means a commitment to caring and this comes with costs. All fish during the process of capture and transport are subjected to varying levels of stress. From things as seemingly minor as how many specimens you keep in a collection bucket, all the way to your technique for decompressing deepwater fish every aspect of collection has an impact on the quality of the animal all the way down the supply chain.

So what happens when we press our supplier for a lower price? He then exerts that pressure on his staff, and they have to cut corners. Where are the margins where they can make this difference up? Collecting in more damaging ways, moving more quickly, decompressing faster, and packing more heads into collection vessels.

What is the result? One result is a fish that costs less, but at the expense of the quality of the animal. Quality Marine takes a different approach to this; we want the highest quality specimens so we offer our suppliers a fair price in exchange for the level of care which we require. When our suppliers can make the handling of the specimens the top priority, it makes for a healthier animal. It's where commitment to quality is the same thing as commitment to care.

There is a good supply of Australian Harlequin Tuskfish (Choerodon fasciatus) in stock right now and they are stunning. We also have a very nice batch of SSC Indigo Hamlets (Hypoplectrus indigo) and they're on the stocklist at an excellent price. Check these out.

On the invert side of the house, we have some Aquacultured Fire & Ice Zoanthids Zoanthid sp.) that have excellent coverage and look great. There is also a limited supply of just beautiful Aquacultured Red Lobophyllia (Lobophyllia sp.). There's a couple orange ones too, both colors are in spectacular shape.