News / Company News / The Picks (04/10/15)

The Picks

The advancements in aquaculture keep on coming, and luckily for QM customers, many of the newly available species are available exclusively from Quality Marine. If you've been on Reefbuilders or Coral Magazine's Facebook recently, you've seen a slew of articles about aquacultured fish becoming available; sometimes for the first time, sometimes once again after a long absence.

Every single one of these accomplishments represents a leap forward in captive animal biology. They are also indicative of the rising desirability of aquacultured animals for home aquariums. As a result of the tireless work of many people, we are now able to offer an incredible array of Aquacultured Marine Fish and Invertebrates. Our tireless search for these items and our historic support of the people behind the scenes has meant that many of these offerings are only available through us!

This week, if you aren't checking out the selection of Aquacultured Eviota Gobies (Eviota sp.), then you must not have any Nano tank customers. If that's the case, it is time to change that.

Also on that front, this week saw us receive North America's very first commercially raised Biota Clown Triggerfish (Balistoides conspicillum). There has been a huge buzz about these recently, and there is only a couple left. Call your Account Manager immediately.

On the invert side of things, the Aquacultured Branching Red/Pink Montiporas (Montipora sp) are in incredible shape and gorgeously colored. For those of you looking for some softies, the selection of Aquacultured Sinularia (Sinularia sp) is amazing right now. Don't shy away from adding a few to your next order.