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The Picks

The importance of proper handling cannot be overstated. Due to the enormous distance traveled by some of shipments, each one is treated individually. We have always, and continue to place a high value on having an experienced acclimation team who can properly diagnose the condition of a shipment upon arrival and customize the acclimation process to those conditions.

Fish that are less stressed on arrival are more likely to resume their natural feeding behavior. It is critical to restore this feeding behavior as quickly as possible. Its one of the most effective ways to restore the vitality of an animal and provides much needed energy after a long journey.

We have found pretty much every species reacts differently to the rigors of travel and so we treat them individually to provide the least stressful acclimation process possible. We are constantly analyzing and refining techniques, leaving no stone unturned because sometimes a slight alteration during acclimation can have a hugely positive result. QM's decades of experience, detailed record keeping and process analysis are all major players in why our fish do so well.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have some just beautiful Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tangs (Acanthurus olivaceus) that are in spectacular shape and brilliantly yellow.

Looking for something a little more whacky, weird, wonderful? We have a limited supply of Walking Longnose Batfish (Ogcocephalus corniger) and if these aren't different enough, you are going to have to resort to CGI.

We also have a very good supply of SSC Black Cap Damsels (Chrysiptera rollandi) from an amazing QM exclusive supply chain. These are in great condition so don't hesitate to add some to your next order.

On the invert side of the house, we have a few very beautiful Lobophyllia Corals in stock right now. Ask your account manager to pick one out for you. While they are at it, have them grab you a couple Aquacultured Elegance Corals (Catalaphyllia jardinei). This batch has been in the system for a couple days and they look great. Amazing color and ridiculously good polyp extension.