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The Picks

Im amazed at the sheer variety of feeds available to the marine hobbyist these days. Fish food used to be flakes of something mostly unknown. Now diets range from being an all purpose, protein dense pellets to items specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs or pique the interests of some of the most demanding species. There was a time when in order to get a high quality, nutritious food, you had to go to a seafood market to buy a good variety of fish and inverts to feed your tank.

Here at QM, food and feeding are regularly discussed topics in husbandry meetings. We feel it is of utmost importance to get our fish feeding as soon as possible upon arrival. Marine fish are continually foraging for food in the wild and once in captivity it is up to us to provide the necessary diet to maintain their health. Our husbandry team select items from a long list of available feeds like live saltwater mysis shrimp, whole cockles, spirulina, plankton, vitamin-enriched live brine, silversides, prawns and the list goes on. All to ensure that we keep that animals natural feeding response intact and that we are supplying the correct nutrition for the animal in question. Once the proper feeding response is noted and the body weight is good the team starts to introduce high quality dry feeds as well. We put a lot of effort into supplying you a animals that are eating, and are well fed because these are key factors in ensuring your success and ultimately the success of the marine hobbyist.

Speaking of foods, we have an amazing selection of Gamma Frozen foods available that are irradiated to ensure that they are pathogen free. There is Gamma food for just about anything you can keep in a fishtank.

For those of you looking for that next level fish for the shop, we have a limited supply of African Regal Angels (Pygoplites diacanthus) in stupendous shape, at a nice usable size. Don't wait. That same vendor sent us some gorgeous large Purple Tangs (Zebrasoma xanthurum) as well. These always sell fast, so don't' wait on these either.

On the invert side of the house, we have a good supply of some outstanding Dendrophyllia corals in a wide range of sizes. Add a couple to your order for that NPS guy who keeps coming in. There is also a smashing supply of Acan echinata (Acanthastrea echinata) in an excellent range of colors and sizes. Check these out.